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Photo Gallery | Photo Gallery: Zeeland uncovers history in 1994 time capsule

Thursday, Zeeland city council member Rick Van Dorp III cracked open a time capsule from 1994 at the Timber Town playground. Inside, he found the following items:

  • Clippings from local newspapers
  • Various magazines from the month the capsule was buried, including a copy of People Magazine delving into the background of Paula Jones, who accused President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment before the Monica Lewinsky scandal came to light
  • Phone books
  • A Timber Town hat and t-shirt
  • A milk jug children collected pennies in to raise money for the park
  • Old Diet Coke can
  • Two large file boxes filled with pictures of Timber Town being built, the park's dedication, pictures from around Zeeland, yearbooks from area schools and class letters
  • A list of volunteers who helped build the park

VanDorp says he took everything in the time capsule to the area museum for safe keeping.  Museum officials hope to put the contents on display in the near future.