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Tree Huggers adds bulk refill station | Business

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Tree Huggers adds bulk refill station
Tree Huggers adds bulk refill station

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Tree Huggers is pleased to announce that we have added a bulk refill station to our ever growing Earth Friendly product line. Customers can come in with their own containers to purchase a variety of bulk items such as shampoo, massage oil, all purpose cleaner, air fresheners and so much more. Tree Huggers has over 30 bulk items in the store customers can fill and most items are organic and locally made. The idea behind the bulk station is to encourage a waste free lifestyle and help reduce plastic and glass waste. Customers pay by the ounce and we have donated bottles for customers who do not have any on hand. Soon we hope to offer flour, rice, beans and sugar. All baking items will be organic and most locally harvested.

Tree Huggers is located at the Westshore Mall, 12331 James Street in Holland.

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