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Fat Burrito… Well Deserved | Restaurants

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Fat Burrito… Well Deserved
Fat Burrito… Well Deserved

The Fat Burrito
3013 W Shore Dr
Holland, MI 49424
(616) 399-9500

Finding a good burrito is like finding a dollar bill in your pocket, its cool for a minute then you realize its just a dollar. Finding a GREAT burrito is like finding Steve Job’s Amex Black Card in your pocket with an attached note saying you can use it for whatever. A much more rare occurrence, and one you wished happened more often. Well Steve fire up the Amex online banking site and prepare to make some payments, because I just found your card in my pocket, and it was at Fat Burrito in Holland.

There are some components to making a great burrito, a fresh tortilla, well prepared and fresh toppings and good meat and beans. All of these components are flawlessly executed at Fat Burrito. The menu is a perfect menu for a burrito/taco place, efficient and right to the point. They don’t try to get to crazy with ingredients or dishes, they do a few things and the do them very well. It is also a great bank for your buck, with most monster sized burritos under $10.

I had heard a lot of great things going into this place and was excited to give it a try, we ordered some Chips and Salsa to start with. Good fresh chips, not to salty and still had a tiny bit of oil on them, just the way I like them. Good salsa, they brought a bowl of fresh salsa and a bottle of hot and a bottle of Salsa Verde. The fresh was bright and just a tiny bit of heat and lots of fresh flavors, just as you...