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MAX Bus gets wrapped
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MAX Bus gets wrapped

HOLLAND, Mich. - A newly decaled MAX bus rolling down Holland area streets is turning heads.  It’s a MAX bus covered from top to bottom, fender to fender, with vivid, eye-popping graphics and a large leaping frog along the sides of the bus.

ZR Graphics, a division of the Zeeland Record Company, Inc. is the first of lakeshore advertisers to sign a one-year contract with Tailored Marketing & Sales, LLC, for a full bus wrap on a Macatawa Area Express bus.  Tailored is the contractor who leases commercial advertising space on buses for the MAX Transportation Authority, which earns revenues from sales to offset operating expenses. 

ZR Graphics leased the space figuring there was no better way to showcase their services than to do what they do best:  vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps. 

“With the MAX bus roving the community, it fit right into our needs to promote our product locally. Typically, billboard advertising starts at about a $1,000 a month and goes up based on location. With a vehicle wrap, we’re getting that same exposure for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s  mobile,” stated Kurt Van Koevering, Zeeland Record vice president.

Transit advertising is a low cost, high impact way for local advertisers to cover an entire market numerous times throughout the day with their message or image.  A fully wrapped bus can generate thousands of memorable impressions daily and drive brand awareness and sales. It also creates a lot of buzz and curious lookers.

“In designing the wrap, we wanted to make it fun to ride the MAX,” adds Vankoevering.  “That is what our business is about: fun, eye-catching images. We chose the frog image, due to its ability to attract a younger crowd, and the fun that we could have changing his image to reflect different situations.”

The bus that will be wrapped is used primarily for demand response services, meaning it will travel throughout the entire service area to pick up and drop off passengers. ZR Graphics preferred to wrap a demand response vehicle for greater exposure rather than a fixed route bus, which travels the same route every hour every day.

“In studying our advertising needs, we wanted to mix it up so that the image would not be mundane. If it ran the same route everyday, it would be like a stop sign at an intersection. After a while you automatically stop, and don’t pay any attention. That is one of the great things with MAX’s demand response. It will be in a different neighborhood each day. We hope to see people posing for pictures next to the bus,” says Van Koevering.

The process of producing adhesive vinyl graphics for a full bus wrap can take up to two weeks. It involves studying blueprints of the vehicle, measuring bus dimensions, and producing and applying the graphics. 

ZR graphics uses wide format printing for graphics that really makes images pop.  The firm provides turnkey services for vinyl vehicle graphics from creative design and production to application.  The adhesive material used is weather-proof to withstand road grime and salt, snow and rain, and frequent washing.

Full bus wraps cost $775 a month for a minimum one year contract.  Advertising on bus billboard space also is available for as low as $160 per billboard per month.

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