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Inside the hierarchy of the Holland Latin Kings | News

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Inside the hierarchy of the Holland Latin Kings

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - A 76 page indictment from the Department of Justice outlines several years of alleged crimes committed by members of the Holland Latin Kings gang.

The group is described as a national criminal organization with laws that govern its members. According to the indictment, they have to pay $10 per week and the money is used to pay for jail bond, attorney's fees, and narcotics and firearms.

The indictment also outlines the hierarchy of the HLK leadership. There are three regional leaders that answer to the Chicago Latin Kings. Chicago is considered the "motherland." A step below that, are the highest ranking local leaders who update the regional leaders. Underneath them, are the chapter leaders from the east and west side of Holland. The group also appoints an enforcer. That person carries out orders such as drive-by shootings and assaults.

Many of the alleged crimes are listed in the indictment, with specific names and dates going back to 1998. 31 people are facing federal charges, ranging from racketeering to distribution of marijuana and cocaine.

Two alleged gang members are still wanted by police and federal agents. Jose Hernandez and Uvaldo Ruiz are among the people indicted in the HLK case. Hernandez is accused in drug sales and a shooting.

Ruiz is accused of a gang-related assault. If you see them, you're advised not to approach them, but to call police immediately.

The other alleged gang members are already in custody. They are expected to appear in federal court Thursday and Friday.


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