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Spike in gun sales after school shooting | News

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Spike in gun sales after school shooting

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - The fierce debate over gun laws throughout the United States has led to a spike in gun sales.

Gun stores have reported brisk business since Friday's school shooting in Connecticut because some customers are afraid specific weapons may be restricted or banned in the future.

Dennis Johnson, co-owner of the Bullet Hole, a Holland gun shop, says he's answering calls and selling guns non-stop since the shooting.

"It's handguns, it's long guns, it's everything" that customers are seeking, says Johnson.

Johnson says the spike in gun sales is in response to talk about stricter gun laws from leaders in Washington D.C.

"They're (customers) looking at this and saying, 'Hey, wait a minute, that's an infringement of the Second Amendment'," says Johnson.  "They're going to go out and buying whatever they can as quickly as they can."

"We have our guns for personal protection," says Carl Scurio, a customer at Holland store.

Scurio was at the store with his wife Mary, who is looking for a new gun.

"I don't feel safe going out alone anymore like I used to," says Mary Scurio.  "I'm getting older and feel like I need protection."

Johnson says the store has sold out of back-stock, and some guns like rifles are hard to find anywhere.  Johnson had one rifle on display that he says is similar to the one used in Friday's school shooting.  He doesn't like how it's often called an "assault rifle" -- instead he prefers the term "sporting gun."

"It's not an assault rifle," says Johnson.  "There's no such thing.  An assault rifle could be defined as anything you use to assault another human being with."

"Politicians jump on it, they immediately talk about gun control, and they miss the problem," says Carl Scurio.

Johnson says most guns people buy for protection are semi-automatic.  He says in order to own a full-automatic weapon, the buyer needs to obtain a special license, pay a $200 fee, and undergo a thorough background check.


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