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Police investigate attempted firebombing | News

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Police investigate attempted firebombing

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) - The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department is investigating an attempted firebombing, which is the second time in the last two weeks.  The latest incident happened at a mobile home community in Holland Township.

At the Leisure Estates Mobile Home Park, Michael Bernal says he's aware of the consequences of messing with the wrong people.

"You snitch on somebody and they're going to find you, beat you up, or mess up your trailer," says Bernal.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department is investigating an attempted firebombing, which happened just after 8:30 on Monday night.

"It does appear these victims were targeted," says Lieutenant Mark Bennett with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

Lt. Bennett says a suspect threw a bottle with a flammable liquid at one of the mobile homes.  Inside the home was a 33 year old man and his wife.

"We believe the intent was that the device ignite, it did not," says Lt. Bennett.

"You don't know who could be in the trailer, families, little kids," says Bernal.

Deputies responded, investigated, and then left.  Two hours later, the man saw a van pull up to his house and went to check it out.

"That green Astro van was occupied by two males. One of the males produced a handgun and pointed it at the victim," says Lt. Bennett.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department is investigating whether the latest attempted firebombing is connected to a similar incident in the city of Holland, which also involved a firebombing two weeks ago.  Investigators say they're following leads.

"I can't say it's definitively gang related, but we'll certainly explore that first and foremost," says Lt. Bennett.

Bernal hopes there is some relief soon.

"Things are getting worse and we just need more police officers here," says Bernal.

Bernal says that police help is especially needed during overnight hours.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Investigators are asking for help in identifying the suspects in these incidents.  Anyone with information should call Silent Observer at 1-877-88 -SILENT or visit http://mosotips.com/contactus.aspx .  



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