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Holland could destroy home to prevent flooding | News

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Holland could destroy home to prevent flooding

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - More than 150 homes and many more cars were stuck in the water during an unforgettable scene in Holland from 2009.  Now, the city is considering an unusual step to help with one of the troubled areas.  The City Council could decide to buy a foreclosed house from the county, knock it down, and use the property to prevent future flooding.

After experiencing the 2009 flood, Ron Chavez would do almost anything to stop it from happening again.  However, he's not fully supporting what the city plans to do with his former neighbor's house.

"I'm skeptical. I'd like them to do more than tear down a house in the community," says Chavez.

The city would buy the foreclosed house from the county and then destroy it to help prevent the nearby creek from flooding.  City officials say by lowering the ground level there will be more room for water to go.

"It protects property owners downstream by slowing the flower of water," says Jodi Syens with the Holland Department of Transportation.

About 10 years ago, the city made a similar purchase with another house. Syens says even one property can make a difference.

"I think it will make a considerable difference we have capacity to hold additional water," says Syens.

"I would have to see it to believe it, but to see it would mean letting it flood again and seeing if it works," says Chavez.

Chavez would rather have a new drainage system altogether and the possibility of a house with a new neighbor.

City officials say the project would cost about $40,000 which includes buying the home.


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