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ZPS - District seeks tax renewal February 28 | News

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ZPS - District seeks tax renewal February 28
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ZPS - District seeks tax renewal February 28

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Zeeland Public Schools will ask voters to approve the 18-mill nonhomestead property tax for one year on Tuesday, February 28, which is the Presidential Primary election day.  The tax is levied on industrial, commercial, and some agricultural property. It does not affect the taxes of a primary homeowner.

“This is a renewal only, but it is crucial to the daily operation of our schools,” Superintendent Dave Barry said.  The levy provides approximately $5.1 million for Zeeland Public Schools.”

An election reform law signed November 29 by Governor Snyder allows schools to conduct votes during general elections in even numbered years.  The measure is designed to save school districts thousands of dollars and bring more voters to the polls.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the nonhomestead renewal February 28:

Q. Why is this referred to as a “non-homestead” ballot issue?
A. Because it is not levied on a resident’s primary home, but on industrial, commercial, some agricultural property, and second homes.

Q. Is this a new tax?
A. No. The 18-mill levy is renewed every year. With the election law changes, the 18-mill levy renewed by voters last May has expired and must be renewed in 2012.

Q. How will this affect my property taxes?
A. If you do not own any non-homestead property (a business or a second home) in the Zeeland Pubic Schools district, you do not pay this tax.

Q. Doesn’t the state guarantee per-pupil funding?
A. By law, in order to receive the full foundation allowance from the state, school districts must collect a local non-homestead millage.  The state reduces its obligation to school districts by the amount of the non-homestead millage. Therefore it is critical for schools to collect 18 mills on non-homestead property in order to receive full funding.

Q. What does the 18 mills pay for?
A. The millage represents 10% of the ZPS budget used for critical operating costs, including staff wages, classroom supplies, building maintenance, snow removal and grounds care and bus transportation.

Q. Who can vote on the ZPS non-homestead millage proposal?
A. All registered voters living in the Zeeland Public Schools district. You vote at the precinct you normally attend when voting in a Presidential election.

Q. What if I don't want to vote as a Republican or Democrat?
A. You can ask for a No Party or nonpartisan ballot. The ZPS nonhomestead proposal will be on all ballots for voters living in the school district.

Q. Is the ZPS proposal a simple "yes" or "no" vote?
A. "Yes" means "yes" and "No" means "no."

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