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West Ottawa administrators, staff take concessions | News

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West Ottawa administrators, staff take concessions
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West Ottawa administrators and support staff have followed teachers in taking health insurance concessions that will save the school district money as it struggles with dwindling revenues.

The district’s administrators and support staff, which include 300 employees, will receive three-year contracts which provide them with health savings accounts rather than PPO health insurance. That will save the district more than $500,000.

“We appreciate their willingness to go to the health savings account and save the district a significant amount of money, during a time when all school districts are struggling to safeguard the education we provide students while also having to cut budgets somewhere,” said Superintendent Tom Martin. “It certainly shows their dedication and understanding of the economic difficulties we all face and we thank them for that.”

In addition, like teachers, administrators and support staff will pay 10 percent of premiums in the first year and 18 percent in the second year. The third year calls for them paying 20 percent.

The district will fully fund their deductible during the first year – $2,000 for a single employee and $4,000 for all others – and then pay less in the second and third years of the contract.

In return, support staff and administrators will receive a 2 percent pay increase in the first year, a 0.5 percent pay increase the second year, and no increase in the third year. Both took pay freezes two years ago.

News, Politics, Schools

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