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Holland businesses vandalized with "ISIS K" graffiti | News

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Holland businesses vandalized with "ISIS K" graffiti

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - Several businesses in Holland got a scare Thursday morning when graffiti apparently referring to ISIS showed up on their buildings.

"For about 10 to 15 minutes, we didn't know if we should go outside," said Dan Spadafora, the host of WHTC AM's morning news in Holland. He was on the air early in the morning, when a neighboring business called to say the radio station's news truck had been vandalized. "We went out there, and it looked like the word ISIS. We called police."

Spadafora soon learned WHTC wasn't the only business hit. Several other businesses in Holland were tagged with similar graffiti. At each location, the phrase "ISIS K" had been written in spraypaint.

Stephanie Nieves was the first to see the graffiti at her workplace, Environmental Packaging Technology. "It was very scary because I didn't know what it meant," Nieves said. "There could be someone in our community who is a supporter, which is very scary to think about. Especially on the wall of your office."

Holland police say that in gang graffiti, the K stands for killer, making it an anti-ISIS message.

"We're hearing that it's gang related, but still you got to take it seriously," said Spadafora. He said the station's truck will need to be stripped of its decal, which will then be replaced.