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Holland restaurant gets behind 'Cans for Keyan' campaign | News

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Holland restaurant gets behind 'Cans for Keyan' campaign

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- We first told you of the heartwarming story of Keyan Hogan and Max Heerema Christmas Eve.

Max is the young boy from Holland who is helping his best friend's parents pay for her medical expenses by returning more than 25,000 pop cans in less than three months!

Now, Holland businesses are assisting in the "Cans for Keyan" fundraiser.

The Crazy Horse Steakhouse is among the first to support the great cause. The Holland eatery does unique fundraisers six times a year. People who come in are encouraged to pin money on the wall. When each fundraiser ends, the money is collected off the wall and given to a charity.

The fundraiser for Max and Keyan's cause runs through February 3, 2015.

The owner of the Crazy Horse is also encouraging visitors to the restaurant to return pop cans, bring those receipts in, and pin those on the wall, too.

"All the bottles they're returning, people have started pinning receipts up," said Mark Herman, owner of the Crazy Horse Steakhouse. "he pop can receipts are just as good as dollar bills, and all the money will go to Max and Keyan."

"The group who gets together to decide fundraisers was moved by Max and Keyan's story to we decided to see if we can help," added Herman.

Since Max Heerema began his "Cans for Keyan" campaign in October, he's raised close to $5,000 for Keyan and the Hogan family.

If you'd like to donate cans for Keyan, bring your pop-can receipts to the Crazy Horse Steakhouse and pin them on the wall, or you can email the families at: cansforkeyan@gmail.com