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Holland man owed $1K after 'dirty' carport deal | News

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Holland man owed $1K after 'dirty' carport deal

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- A Holland man says he wants his $1,000 back, after paying for something he never received. He contracted with a Hudsonville business to build a carport, but that never happened, so WZZM 13 went to find out why.

One glance at the snow-covered top, shows that it was the right year to buy a carport.

"If you look at the cars around here, they all have six inches of snow, mine doesn't have any," says Roger Maynard.

However, Roger Maynard chose the wrong salesman, at least the first time around in February.  He paid Joe Kooienga, the manager of Windows of Michigan, a $1,500 deposit to build a car port.

"Every couple weeks or three weeks, I'd call and say 'When are you going to put up my carport?  When are you going to put up my carport?',"says Maynard.

Weeks turned into months. By September, there was still no car port.

"It's not a happy feeling, I don't like being screwed out of money," says Maynard.

Maynard says the scheduling agreements that were signed on a calendar and a paper note turned into broken promises.

"It says that he would have it up by the 17th of September," says Maynard. "I said if you're not going to put up my car port, I want my deposit back."

To this day, Maynard has only received $500 and says he's still owed $1,000.

Maynard says he was in contact with the Windows of Michigan the whole time, while the car port wasn't being built.  He says he heard every excuse in the book, including that the company went into bankruptcy.

Kooienga told WZZM 13 that Windows of Michigan is going out of business and that he's in the process of filing for bankruptcy. WZZM 13 asked Maynard for his reaction to that.

"Dirty. You don't treat people like that, when you treat people like that it's going to come around and bite you," says Maynard.

In November, Maynard found a different company to build him a carport. There was no deposit needed and it took only one day to complete.

The manager of Windows of Michigan says he plans to pay the $1,000 back next week.  Maynard says if he doesn't receive it, he's considering taking the case to small claims court. WZZM 13 will continue to follow this story.


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