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Made in Michigan: Code Blue | News

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Made in Michigan: Code Blue

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- Whether it's the Boston bombings or a school campus shooting, there are constant reminders of why it's important to improve security measures. WZZM 13 is highlighting a Holland based company called Code Blue, which is making people around the world feel safer with one device.

At Hope College and campuses across the country, it has become a universal symbol for help.

As the name Code Blue implies, there's an unmistakable blue light on top of the device and a key pad with emergency buttons near the bottom.

"We can program these phones to ring into a command center," says John Lapham, vice president of sales and marketing for Code Blue. "With all the incidents happening out there, these act first and foremost as a deterrent."

"In the case of a shooter on campus, someone can recognize something, hit the button, and have a discussion," says David Cook, chief operating officer for Code Blue.

Founded in 1989, the Code Blue system is now at airports, train stations, and hospitals across the country. Company leaders say more than 90% of the parts are made in Michigan.

"Number one to be manufactured in Michigan, and then number two to be handcrafted in Holland says a lot about the organization and where we're headed," says Lapham.

Code Blue now has 35 employees after hiring more than a dozen people in the last year.

"Everyday it's different and it's the best job I've ever had," says one employee with the company for 10 years.

The Code Blue system also captures video and sends text alerts.
Company leaders say it serves an important purpose, even in age of cell phones.

"Think of an event like a hurricane or a big weather storm that went through, phones get jammed," says Cook.

The company's message is now spreading around the globe, in places like South America and the Middle East.

"You see more of these Code Blue help units out there, and we're glad to be leading that charge," says Lapham.

Code Blue executives say they are expecting more hiring in the near future, because of the growth in the international market.


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