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Mosquito boom predicted after flooding | News

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Mosquito boom predicted after flooding

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- Last month's historic flooding along the Grand River has left behind a lot of standing water, which is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

According to Jack Den Uyl, the owner of Mosquito Squad of West Michigan, the mosquito population has tripled in areas compared to this time last year.

Mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to two years. Due to all the standing water from the floods, Uyl says most of the mosquito eggs from the past three years will all be hatching this year.

"We've sprayed now for two weeks and mosquitos are far more abundant than they were last year, so if that's an early indication of the season. We are predicting we could see at least triple to even far more than what we saw last year because of the drought and heat," says Uyl.

The Mosquito Squad stresses the five Ts which will help homeowners keep mosquitos away:

  • TIP containers over such as dog dishes and kid's swimming pools.
  • TURN over items like bird baths and flower pots.
  • TOSS away any standing debris or leaf piles that may have been left behind over the winter months.
  • TARPS should be folded up, dried out and stored, removed from your yard or discarded if possible.
  • TREAT" the problem as necessary.

With so much standing water in the area, the Kent County Health Department says its keeping a watchful eye for any mosquito-borne illnesses.

According to the KCHD, there were 41 reported cases of West Nile virus in 2012, but there have been none reported thus far in 2013.

You can find more information about the Mosquito Squad here: http://bit.ly/YuXqlN