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Ottawa County United Way Launches "Everyday Hero Campaign"
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Ottawa County United Way Launches "Everyday Hero Campaign"

Story contributed by the Holland Chamber of Commerce
by Patrick Moran

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  In Ottawa County, we also know that … when the going gets tough, the tough give generously.

That’s what we are hoping happens now.  Because it’s crunch time … for the campaign, and for our community.  Last fall we set a very ambitious goal of $2.3 million for this year’s campaign.  That’s $400,000 more than last year’s goal, and almost 12 percent more than  the $2,031,496 we raised last year. We set this big goal because  …

We needed to.  Because the effective, local programs that rely on the campaign to meet the community’s needs for health, education, financial stability and emergency assistance need our help now. Right here, where so many are so blessed, others remain hungry, homeless, underemployed.  But not hopeless. 

Because there are so many of us—about 8,000—who give generously to Greater Ottawa County United Way’s annual community campaign. Most work in the 200 local companies that hold workplace campaigns.  And this year, on average, giving is up more than 7 percent!  Even with this increased generosity, however, we will fall $100,000 short of our goal when the campaign ends … if we do nothing more.

So we are reaching out to the 100,000 working adults in Ottawa County who have not yet participated in the campaign.  We’re guessing that, for most, it’s because they haven’t been asked.  So we are asking now.  Between now and March 16, we are asking everyone in Ottawa County who has not already given to the 2011-12 community campaign to become an EVERYDAY HERO and pledge just $1 per week in 2012.  The pledge can be fulfilled any time before the end of the year, in any number of payments, via check or credit card. But we need our everyday heroes to stand up and be counted NOW.  To join the movement.  To say yes to giving $1 per week so that others may eat, have a roof over their heads, get necessary medical care, be ready for school, make successful school progress, get a good job, achieve their potential … and all of the other important community goals we’ve set together.

We believe that, when people realize they have SUPERPOWERS, they will say YES.  Here are just three examples of what one dollar a week can do in our community:
• Feed 178 meals to a family in need
• Provide $250 of prescription medicine to a low-income senior
• Shelter a homeless family for a month in transitional housing
If that’s not a superpower, I don’t know what is! There is no better bargain anywhere than the collective strength of community we achieve when we LIVE UNITED. 

If you are one of the 8,000 who’ve already given, thank you.  If you are one of the 100,000 who haven’t, please be an Everyday Hero.  Visit www.ottawaunitedway.org/hero and pledge $1 per week, payable any time in 2012.

Then, tell your friends how they can have superpowers, too.  Go a little crazy on behalf of our community!  Tweet it. Change your Linked In and Facebook status to “Everyday Hero” and post the hero logo and QR code.   (Download jpegs at  www.ottawaunitedway.org/about us/media room and logos.)

Please be one of the 2000 who say Yes! now to help Ottawa County go the distance and make the difference … with just one dollar a week.  Tens of thousands of our neighbors in need in Ottawa County say thank you.


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