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OPINION: Michigan, Our Great State | Environment

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OPINION: Michigan, Our Great State
OPINION: Michigan, Our Great State

Michigan, our great state. Whether we realize it or not, we really do have a great state.

Granted, we had an unusual winter this past year but then again, have you ever seen the grass and trees so green before? Even people returning from Florida this year have commented about everything being so green!

Despite all of the good things, I still hear people complain about it either being too cool, too cloudy, too hot, etc. To those people I say, maybe it’s time for you to move to a perfect climate, wherever that may be.

I love Michigan and all it has to offer. We have the Great Lakes, a treasure on their own. I used to have an older friend, Bill Hickey, who had apple orchards.

He told me, “You will never, ever find an apple as snappy when you bite into it as a Michigan apple in the fall, because of the Great Lakes.” 

He claimed the cool nights in Michigan plus the moisture from the lakes was the magic in the apples and I believe that to this day also.

We have an abundance of sports, including some of the best fishing ever. I had a call last week from a former resident who lives in Montana, asking about the temperatures of Lake Michigan.  He told me how much he misses the big lakes. I guess this may be something we never miss until we don’t have them around and available to us anymore.

I know Michigan has had its ups and downs with the economy, but I’m hoping we are on the upside of that now. Hopefully, we will once again rise to the top and be one of the most productive places to work. For now, I at least know it is one of the most beautiful states to reside in.

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