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The Best Mother's Day Present | Community Spirit

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The Best Mother's Day Present
The Best Mother's Day Present

It's a Mother's Day present every mother was wishing for. 

The bright sun, the warm temperatures, and the crack of a bat filled the air at the Matt Urban Complex in Holland. After several weeks of more foul weather than foul balls, patrons of the games soaked up the rays as they cheered on their teams. There was some winning moments. There were some moments of empathic heart-ache. But all on all, there was a good time had by all. Children were entertained by either the love of the game, love of the playground, or love of the concessions.  Parents and grandparents cheered, jeered and laughed. But through all the dust clouds, close calls and crowd roars, the best feeling of all was the positive sportsmanship displayed by all.

An annual tradition, the USSA held the 2011 Great Lakes FIreball Challenge at its new home in Holland. 6 Teams from the West Michigan area and one visiting team from Indiana took to the fields starting Saturday May 7th with games running through Sunday May 8th. & teams were guaranteed 3 games to play with the top four seeds playing in semi-final games. Those seeds brought 2 baseball training facilities competing against themselves. For Diamonds Sports Training Academy, it brought the Diamonds Drive (seed #2) versus the Diamonds II (seed #3). For Elite Baseball And Softball Training, the Elite Crush (seed #1) competed against the Elite Wave (seed #4). In the final game, The Diamonds Drive held on to take the Elite Crush for the championship.

To view the final stats and box scores of the tournament, visit the USSSA.



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