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Winning At Home’s “the underground” Moves to New Location, New Night | Community Spirit

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Winning At Home’s “the underground” Moves to New Location, New Night
Winning At Home’s “the underground” Moves to New Location, New Night

Winning At Home is excited to announce the return of their teen initiative, the underground, to a new location at the Park Theatre, 248 South River, in downtown Holland. The fall kick-off event will take place on Sunday, October 21. This popular teen event is back after a summer hiatus and organizers feel the new downtown venue will bring even more attendees.   

“We’re excited about being in the heart of the city. We think the new location will be more accessible and the move to Sunday night, instead of Saturday, will prevent interference with other activities,” says Doug Swink, a speaker for Winning At Home who is overseeing the event.

This initiative began last year and serves to bring biblical teaching and biblical worship to the lives of area teens.  The event is free and designed for anyone seventh grade through high school age. Subsequent services will be held on the following dates: December 9, 2012, January 27, 2013 and March 24, 2013.

Winning At Home’s goal for the underground is to challenge teens already grounded in their faith to develop a more intimate connection with God and to introduce the Bible to those that have little or no knowledge of it. This is all completed in partnership with local churches, not in competition of already established youth groups.

 “We will be plugging students into area church youth groups, not starting one. We are offering an opportunity for youth pastors to bring out their youth groups in order to interact with the church at large,” says Swink.

There are many teenagers looking for inexpensive things to do on weekends. “the underground” costs nothing and allows teens to gather together, gain a sense of community, and learn about God’s relevant issues.

Winning At Home is a non-profit organization that encourages people at all ages and stages of family development to lead Christ-centered homes. They seek to do this through radio programming, conference speaking, books, and other multi-media resources—all designed to offer hope and renewal to individual lives. For more information, visit winningathome.com or facebook.com/theundergroundwestmi.