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Zipments: A Simple and Elegant Courier Concept | Business

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Zipments: A Simple and Elegant Courier Concept
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Zipments: A Simple and Elegant Courier Concept

By Stephanie Doublestein

Garrick Pohl is so busy he forgot to eat breakfast. The 38-year-old Holland resident is a father of four and a tech entrepreneur who is six weeks into launching Zipments, an innovative, hyper-local delivery system in West Michigan. Wearing a T-shirt with the Zipments logo and a pair of jeans, Pohl sits in The Sparrows coffee shop on a Wednesday morning in June, eats an M&M cookie as a substitute for that forgotten breakfast and happily explains how his start-up is turning the standard delivery model on its head.

"Basically, Zipments connects any business or individual that needs to move something across town with a community of local couriers that can do those jobs," explains Pohl.  

The website, which launched May 4, allows customers to post delivery jobs and lets a registered pool of couriers bid on them instantly.  Couriers are paid for the job once delivery has been confirmed, with PayPal being used for all transactions and Zipments taking a 10% cut of the total job price.

Compared to traditional delivery methods, "the big difference is that nobody else lets the customer set the price," Pohl says. "In the first month that we launched, we did 100 deliveries. Every one of those jobs had at least one bid at the price the customer set, and some were for less because couriers outbid each other." Pohl thinks Zipments will make the term "standard shipping rates apply" obsolete, calling the new model "you tell us what you want to pay."   

Not only does Zipments allow the ustomer to set the price for job delivery, but it also allows the customer to set their time window for delivery to unprecedented speed.  "One of the...


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