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Men's Hair Cuts - Back to Basic's
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Men's Hair Cuts - Back to Basic's

I have tried going to a couple places like Judes and Great Clips to get my hair cut and each time I walk out of there I'm not happy. I have actually had poeple tell be to go right back there and have them fix it. This got me to thinking; I am seeing all these places geared towards men's hair cuts and was wondering if  they are all barber shops. Apperently thats not the case. I had the opportunity to speak with a real barber; Zach Booker owner of Zach's Barber shop who is a fourth generation hair business owner and is a Master Barber. He also owns Booker Barber College in Holland. 

So I asked a couple question: 

What are the main differences between a Barber Shop and a Salon? Salons usually focus on Cosmotology which means general haircutting, Manicures, Skin Servies, Pedicures, Make-Up, Perms, Hair Coloring, and they focus on Longer Hair Styles. A barber focuses on Specialized Haircutting, Straight Razor Shaves, Hair Coloring, Perms, hairpieces, and most of the hair cuts are shorter ie above the neck. 

What are Judes and Sport Clips? Basically they are salons geared towards men. They throw some scantely clothed women in there with televisions and posters of half naked women to get the men in the door. They are calling themselves barbershops and legally they are not supposed to. Also; legally you are not supposed to put a "barber pole" outside your building unless your an actual barbershop. If you are curious if the person cutting your hair is a barber or cosmotologist just ask. They have to be licensed by the state of Michigan. 

What happened to the Barber? Barber shops took a big hit when the men in the 60's and 70's starting going with the longer hair styles. Men would go to the barber every two weeks. Then they started going every six to eight weeks or when you look at the photos from that time period, not at all. He told me he knows of 3 or 4 barbers that are looking at selling there business to someone who wants to walk right in to a clientele and start cutting hair. Zach bought the 1948 building, in downtown Grandville in September of 2010 from a gentlemen who was getting out of the business. Zach's Barbershop was born.

So why start the Barber College? I see a need for for someone who wants to focus on cutting mens hair at an affordable price. You can make a good living working as a barber. You get an education in one year at a very affordable price. Some people are not wired to spend 5 years at a university and spend all that money, then pay back a bunch of loans. Here your done in one year if you go full time and your ready to cut hair. Also we are the only one in West Michigan and one of only 6 in the state of Michigan.

Are you going to offer hair cuts and shaves at your college? Yes we will. It will be $5 for a hair cut and $7 for a staight razor shave. I will be honest; you are getting your hair cut by students so there will be some mistakes made so you may end up with a butch hair cut. 

There you go. There is a difference between a barber and a cosmotologist. I have been spending as much as $35 to get a decent hair cut at a salon and Zach's Barber Shop is $13 for a great hair cut. That is a savings of $22. Also, I am not sure about getting a straight razor shave from a student. That seems a little dangerous:) 


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