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CityFlats Hotel Awarded Good Earth Keeping Award | Business

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CityFlats Hotel Awarded Good Earth Keeping Award

LEED Gold Certified CityFlatsHotel was presented with the Good Earth Keeping Award at the Stars of the Industry Awards Dinner on Monday night by Governor Rick Snyder. This awards dinner was part of the Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism that took place March 25th – 27th.

The Good Earth Keeping Award recognizes lodging properties for developing a culture focused on environmental management practices that improve everyday operations while maintaining quality service. The program must demonstrate success in one or more of the following areas: energy conservation, solid waste reduction, effluents and emissions, and water conservation.

CityFlats Hotel’s construction and design meet rigorous eco-friendly standards. These standards include site sustainability, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design process. CityFlats specifically excels in the water and energy efficiency categories by using 30% less water than baseline standards and by optimizing energy performance. CityFlats is also a leader in the use of sustainable materials. The hotel’s seating and décor was designed and manufactured using materials from rapidly renewable resources such as bamboo and cotton.

Another area where CityFlats exemplifies green construction is reliance on local manufacturing. Over 30% of the materials used to construct CityFlats Hotel’s structure, seating, and décor came from local sources and a majority of all finished products were manufactured in Holland. By eliminating reliance on imported products and materials, CityFlats has decreased the amount of fuel and energy used to transport products, enhanced the local economy, and minimized their carbon footprint.

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