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My Town: i’move shares tips to prevent winter injuries | Business

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My Town: i’move shares tips to prevent winter injuries
My Town: i’move shares tips to prevent winter injuries

SPRING LAKE, Mich. When people think of winter injuries, they think of high level sports like skiing and snowboarding. However, the reality is that everyday activities pose a similar threat for strains, sprains and falls in the winter, according to physical therapist Ryan Tanis.

“Shoveling contributes to many of the injuries we treat this time of year,” said Tanis, Clinic Director at i’move’s Holland location. “It’s a movement that the body has not performed since last winter. Without adequate flexibility and strength, this seasonal activity can result in injury.”

More than 310,000 people were treated for winter sports related injuries in 2012, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. i’move, formerly known as Shoreline Sport & Spine, encourages novices and experts alike to prepare their bodies before engaging in winter sports and daily activities.

Most winter sports and activities involve repetitive movements which can break down muscle tissue. The effects can be lessened and even avoided by following these precautions.

1.    Warm up for five to 10 minutes by performing movements similar to the activity you are about to do.

2.    Listen to your body and don’t ignore sensations like pain, fatigue or muscle burn.

3.    Take frequent breaks to hydrate, refuel and stretch.

4.    Wear appropriate clothing like gloves and a warm jacket.

5.    Take safety measures and wear a helmet or wrist guards for sports like snowboarding.

6.    Cool down for five minutes with stretches to avoid muscle tightening.

“If past injuries or worry are keeping you from enjoying the outdoors this winter, let us help you prepare,” said Jeff Clark, physical therapist at i’move’s Spring Lake location.

i’move offers a “Move Better Assessment” in which clients are assessed performing functional movements designed to reveal opportunities for increased mobility, stability and balance. The assessment is tailored to each client’s goals and will identify the specific exercises they should focus on to reach their goals most efficiently. The “Move Better Assessment” is ideal for adults whether their aim is to prepare for a skiing trip with their family, get back into snow shoeing or shovel their driveway this winter without injury.

“No matter what age or skill level you are, it is important to get outside and get moving. Michigan provides us with a natural gym, especially in the winter months, and we should take advantage of it,” said Clark. “At i’move we believe that movement is essential. If you’re not moving and doing the activities you love then you are not thriving. Our purpose is to help you move better; that’s what we’re passionate about.”

About i'move

i’move is a multidisciplinary group of professionals passionate about providing individualized treatment, training and teaching to the people of West Michigan to get healthy and stay active. i'move strives to meet the health needs of the community in three distinct areas: physical therapy, athletic performance and wellness solutions. i’move is  located in Spring Lake, Grand Haven and Holland. More information can be found at www.imovedaily.com.