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My Town: West Michigan home to two of the top corn growers | Business

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My Town: West Michigan home to two of the top corn growers
My Town: West Michigan home to two of the top corn growers

West Michigan is home to two of the top corn growers in the state.

Hoeve Farms in Holland and Scott Jirgens farm in Kalamazoo were among the winners of the National Corn Yield Contest.  Hoeve Farms harvested 266.8 bushels of corn per acre, earning it third place among irrigated farms in Michigan. Scott Jirgens’ farm yielded 221.9 bushels of corn per acre, putting it in third place among no-till/strip-till irrigated farms in the state.

This was the 50th year for the National Corn Yield Contest.

“This is a chance for friendly competition that highlights major advancements in the agriculture industry,” said Jim Zook, executive director of the Michigan Corn Growers Association. “Thanks to new technology, better seed genetics and advanced production techniques, today’s farmers are growing more corn on the same land while using less water and inputs. We want to congratulate this year’s winners from Michigan on another great showing.”

This year’s Michigan winners are:


  • Jeff Briggs Farms LLC (Willis) - 269.7 bushels per acre
  • Tom Kern (Saginaw) – 268.8 bushels per acre
  • Jake Drozd (Allegan) – 264.3 bushels per acre
  • Don Stall (Charlotte) also received recognition in this category with a yield of 293.6 bushels per acre, but was ineligible to win because he won another category.

No-till/strip-till non-irrigated

  • Ronnie Landis (Schoolcraft) – 250.6 bushels per acre
  •  Landis Farms (Schoolcraft) – 248 bushels per acre
  • Tanner’s Farm (Albion) – 240.1 bushels per acre



  • Don Stall (Charlotte) – 354.3 bushels per acre
  • Clover Family Farms (Ionia) - 272.3 bushels per acre
  • Hoeve Farms (Holland) – 266.8 bushels per acre


No-till/strip-till irrigated

  • Phil Crawford (Dowagiac) – 233.2 bushels per acre
  • K&R Farms (Carson City) – 226.3 bushels per acre
  • Scott Jirgens (Kalamazoo) – 221.9 bushels per acre

Each winner will receive national recognition in the NCYC Corn Yield Guide, as well as other awards from participating sponsors.  The winners will be honored at the 2015 Commodity Classic during the NCGA Awards Banquet and the NCYC State Winners Breakfast.