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EmploymentGroup names winners of 5 in 5 scholarships | Business

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EmploymentGroup names winners of 5 in 5 scholarships
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EmploymentGroup names winners of 5 in 5 scholarships

KENTWOOD, Mich.-- EmploymentGroup, a solutions-oriented staffing and outsourced services firm, has announced the winners of its 5 in 5 scholarship program. 

Launched in 2013, the program is a five-year initiative in honor of the company’s 55th anniversary as a leading regional provider of business staffing solutions. EmploymentGroup started the program to give Michigan-based community college students the skills and resources they need to succeed.

As part of the 5 in 5 program, each year three students are awarded scholarships totaling $5,000.  This year, students were encouraged to tie their essay submissions to EmploymentGroup’s mission of helping people succeed, explaining how their future plans include both their own professional growth and helping others excel.

“We were excited to launch the second round of our 5 in 5 program and these winners are exactly the type of individuals we were looking to support with our scholarship," said Mark Lancaster, CEO of EmploymentGroup. “Each student offered a unique vision of how they plan to positively impact the workplace and embody EmploymentGroup’s ongoing mission of helping people succeed.”

EmploymentGroup partnered with a number of leading community colleges in many of the West and Mid-Michigan markets the company serves. Winners were selected based on essay submissions, teacher and community recommendations and overall academic achievement. 

The following students and submissions were selected as the winners of EmploymentGroup’s “5 in 5” scholarship contest:

  • First-place winner ($3,000) – Susan Vanden Hoek, Grand Rapids Community College

"People Are The Most Important Thing In Life"

I will use my degree to help people by igniting the value of personal integrity and social responsibility while working alongside the current leaders of our youth whether they are parents, teachers, principals, business owners, judicial officers, or political leaders, in order to help reinforce high moral standards, causing Americans to embrace and smile at the future as they begin to see a new silhouette forming. We need a call to action that provides stability in homes, which in turn, will provide a more intact society. Each time a family becomes more jeopardized and torn apart, so does society.  After all, families are society's ingredients.  My uncle once said, "The most important thing in life is people." In other words, he couldn't find one actual thing more important than people. I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Second-place winner ($1,500) – Autum Roggow, Kalamazoo Valley Community College 

“Nursing Others Back To Health”

Since I was a little girl I had always known that when I was older I wanted to help people through my life. As I approached choosing my major in college I decided on nursing. I currently work as a patient care assistant at Bronson Battle Creek. I enjoy every minute of my job. Knowing that just helping people with simple daily tasks can change their life gives me such a great feeling. Being in a hospital setting has helped me figure out that much more that nursing is what I would like to do. This scholarship would help out immensely in pursuing my career goals.

  • Third place winner ($500) – Horace Hill, Kellogg Community College 

“Skilled Serviceman”

In 2011 President Obama, passed a bill to assist all servicemen wishing to go back to school. The program was called V-Rap. When I heard about the V-Rap program for veterans, I decided to go back to school to learn a skill to better myself. I enrolled at the Kellogg Community College in 2013. Although the classes are tough, I have enjoyed learning new skills and found the staff and fellow students to be very supportive. My instructors work hand in hand with me. My instructors also worked with me when I was struggling with the math to ensure that I understood the concepts. This has inspired me to assist other students when they have had to face the same challenges. I am almost done with the pipefitting program. The V-Rap program ended and I need ascholarship to finish the last semester in the program. I feel that on completion of the program I will have the desired skills for an employer.

About EmploymentGroup 

Founded in 1958, EmploymentGroup is a solutions-based business and managed services company, providing and delivering quality staffing solutions to allow its clients to focus on their core business functions.  With offices in Michigan, EmploymentGroup specializes in recruiting, training and placing measurably better permanent and temporary field associates, administrative, professional, technical and light industrial positions.  Through its EG Managed Services division, EmploymentGroup provides essential but non-strategic managed services, including mail and document management, archives, courier, shipping and receiving and custodial.  To find out more about EmploymentGroup, please visit www.employmentgroup.com, or to learn about EG Managed Services, visit www.egmanagedservices.com.

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