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West Ottawa ensembles perfect at state | Arts & Culture

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West Ottawa ensembles perfect at state

From: West Ottawa Public Schools

All five West Ottawa High School large ensembles received first division ratings for excellent performances and perfect scores for sight reading at the state Vocal Solo & Ensemble evaluations at Aquinas College on Saturday.

Ensembles are evaluated by a judge after performing two songs and sight reading, with a rating system of first division (excellent), second division (good), third division (fair) and fourth division (poor). In order to go to state you have to earn a first division rating at districts.

“Having five large ensembles get a first division rating at state is an unusual accomplishment,” noted Pamela Pierson, West Ottawa’s choir director.

The West Ottawa Select Women’s Ensemble was broken up into two groups – Asteria Proi and Asteri Bradu – while also receiving first division ratings were the Vocalaires, Women of Vocalaires and Men of Vocalaires.

In Asteri Proi were Kelly Monahan, Hannah Goble, Emily Haveman, Alyssa Serrell, Callie Perkins, Allie Vasilauskas, Anna Wolterink, Meghan Zoerhoff, Nicole Stitt, Whitnie Schurman, Logan Jones, Melissa Lamberts, Breanna Evenhouse, Emily Martinie, Victoria Stewart, Erin Niergarth, Chelsea Timeer and Taylor Eaton.

In Asteri Bradu were Sophia Cuatt, Stephanie Damian, Abbie Blackburn, Shay Stewart, Chapin Virta, Ashley Mongar, Eden Hutzel, Jasmine Jelsema, Maura Monahan, Toni Wang, Anne Martinie, Sarah Taylor, Kari Sweeney, Maegan Johnson, Jenelle Archer, Beth Doyle and Andrew Klein.

The Women of Vocalaires were Mary Rose, Hannah Goble, Katie Zelent, Denise VanBeek, Alixx Spelde, Erica Francis, Felisha Young, Cassie Kooiker and Kate Callahan. The men were Blake Kata-Carlson, Billie Schurman, Joel Bryson, Alex Knowles, Eric Stone, Tyson Wiggers, Adam Renberg, Jacob Anderson and Andrew Klein.

The duet of Alixx Spelde and Erica Francis also earned a first division rating in small ensembles, where Beth Doyle and Emily Haveman duet received a second division rating.

Soloists receiving a first division rating for an excellent performance were Kelly Monahan, Andrew Klein, Cassie Kooiker, Jenelle Archer, Hannah Goble, Toni Wang, Midge Carter, Maura Monahan, Logan Jones and Maegan Johnson.

Soloists receiving a second division rating for a good performance were Melissa Lamberts, Mary Rose, Jacob Anderson  and Kate Callahan. Anderson and Callahan received a first division rating for the solo portion.

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