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ZEELMANIA – Week 3 Line Up | Arts & Culture

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ZEELMANIA – Week 3 Line Up
ZEELMANIA – Week 3 Line Up

Zeel-ma-nia (Zēl-mā-nē-a): n
A healthy-living street-fair for the entire community. Shop the Main Place Farm & Craft Market, visit with Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital experts and get your heart pumping by engaging in free and fun physical activities and entertainment downtown Zeeland. Every Monday evening, now thru August 27, 5-7:30pm.  ZEELMANIA.  Fun for the HEALTH of it!

Zeelmania was created by Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital, the Zeeland Chamber of Commerce and the City of Zeeland as a way rearrange and draw more attention to the Main Place Farm & Craft Market, add a weekly evening activity to the community calendar and bring more foot traffic downtown; all while focusing on the importance of healthy living!

The activities offered at Zeelmania will change weekly, keeping the schedule fresh and fun.  All activities are free, with the exception of items purchased at the Main Place Market.  Zeelmania takes place downtown Zeeland on Main Street between Church & Elm Streets.

The activity line up for July 23 includes:

MAIN PLACE MARKET 5-7:30pm – Get a taste of healthy living with Zeeland’s local Farm & Craft Market.

MOBILE ZOO 6-7:30pm – Come visit and feed many different breeds of friendly farm and zoo animals!  Some exotic species too!

SPRINKLER SENSATIONS 6-7:30 – Looking for a way to cool off? Bring a towel and enjoy the refreshing community sprinklers set up downtown Zeeland. Families welcome.

HEARING SCREENING 6-7:30pm – Provided by Lakeshore Hearing Center. Screening for any loss of hearing and view the inside of the ear for any wax build up or other obstructions that may affect hearing.

BALOON TWISTING 6-7:30pm  – Watch in awe as a regular balloon turns into a sculpture of art!

COMMUNITY BAND CONCERT 6-7:30pm – Enjoy a concert by your favorite local musical ensemble.

To download a complete schedule of events visit www.zch.org/zeelmania. Athletic shoes and active attire is recommended for all activities.

If you would like to volunteer to help with ZEELMANIA, please call Abby deRoo at 748.5906.