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G-Sync: The Future Needs All of Us | Arts & Culture

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G-Sync: The Future Needs All of Us
G-Sync: The Future Needs All of Us

By Tommy Allen

On Oct. 5, Michigan State House Representative Thomas McMillan of Rochester introduced Bill #5039 with language so cruel that enactment would trickle down to strip every LGBT citizen of protections enacted anywhere in our state including Kalamazoo, Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

You can almost hear certain citizens of Holland breathe a sigh of relief because their decision to deny civil rights to local LGBT citizens after a year-long study deemed otherwise (and after months of community-led testimonies demanding more) would be completely negated should this bill ever get out of the judiciary committee at the state capitol.  

In a state vitally concerned about remaking their image, we have to ask ourselves what is happening here when we promote, rather than denounce, such discriminatory acts. This type of behavior is contrary to the formula outlined by scientists as essential for the recovery of our economy.

One could almost say that the unwritten values that drive Grand Rapids time and time again to be a leader in areas of innovation and social justice is the idea that “...injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Those words by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pack just as much power today as they did then, and they cut across many platforms.

What we discover as we watch intolerance happen here in Holland is that it does not stay in Holland, because the national press is reporting on the story.

Last week alone, the recent Rapidian article about Until Love Is Equal’s struggles to promote equality in Holland over the past few months became the second most widely shared piece in the history of this publication, second only to the Newsweek piece about Grand Rapids being a dead city.

Grand Rapids is aware and is very much concerned about equality...


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