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Holland man remembers escaping from World Trade Center on 9/11 | News

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Holland man remembers escaping from World Trade Center on 9/11

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - West Michigan students are learning about September 11th from a man who survived the attacks.

Chad Creevy says it as a day he will never forget. On Friday, he told his story to a group of students at Vanderbilt Charter Academy, in Holland.

Back in 2001, Creevy was 22 years old, and had just landed a job with Morgan Stanley. He was sent to New York for training.

"I was stationed to be on the 61st floor of the south tower (of the World Trade Center) for three weeks," Creevy says.

It was his second day. As the morning was getting started, the first plane hit the north tower. The group was told that it was safe to stay in the south tower.

"It just didn't sit right with me, that we should stay put on 61," he says.

Listening to his gut, Creevy headed down the elevator. It stopped on the 44th floor. He got out and looked through a window.

"I was just a black hole and a lot of smoke," says Creevy. "Looking to the ground, I could see people jumping and hitting the commons below."

Creevy knew he had to get out of the south tower fast, but the second plane flew into the buildibng as he stood in line to get back on the elevator.

"The lights went out, the building started to sway," Creevy remembers.

The group changed course and headed down the stairs. "It took about 20 to 25 minutes going down 44 flights of stairs," he says.

Creevy made it down to the ground and once outside he says they ran as fast as they could away from the World Trade Center. Twenty minutes later, both the north and south towers had collapsed.

Many of the students were too young to remember the terrifying images. Creevy says it's a part of the past that he feels compelled to share.

"It's something I think about every day. But I thank God I'm here safely."

Creevy is no longer working for Morgan Stanley, but is back in Holland, working for a local bank. 

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