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Holland @ Holland Christian

HOLLAND, MI (WZZM) - In a rematch of a thrilling season opener last year, Holland traveled to Holland Christian to take on the Maroons.

The Holland Dutch scored first on a one yard run from Harvey Greenbey.

But Holland Christian started scoring.

The Maroons offense put 56 points on the scoreboard, beating Holland 56 to 28.



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Holland Board of Public Works suing state over rejected powerplant plan

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- The board of directors of the Holland Board of Public Works Friday authorized lawyers to file a lawsuit against the state over a rejected plan for a powerplant expansion.

The lawsuit against the Department of Natural Resources and Environment is expected to be filed next week, after the Holland city council gives its final approval.

The BPW says the step is necessary after the DNRE rejected the board's application for an air permit for for the installation of a new 78 megawatt generator burning clean coal and biomass.  The BPW wants the new generator to replace a 11.5 megawatt electrical generator from the 1950s.

The state argues there is not enough need for the extra electricity the new generator would produce, and that the department has concerns about pollution from the new plant.

Artist captures Zeeland faces

ZEELAND, Mich. (WZZM) - A West Michigan artist is giving new meaning to the term, "facebook."

Dennis Nagelkirk broke out the canvas today to paint the faces of nearly three dozen patrons at Frank's Diner in Zeeland.

Holland Hospital paid Nagelkirk to create a piece that captures the city's essence and this is what he came up with.

The new painting will hang on the wall of Holland's Lakeshore Health Partner - Family Medicine facility in Zeeland. The new facility will feature 186 pieces created by local artists.

It opens October 4th.

State election officials certify Michigan primary results

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- State officials have certified the results from Michigan's August primary election.

The Board of State Canvassers certified the Aug. 3 election results on Monday. The certifications include the results of several Michigan's U.S. House primaries, including a relatively narrow victory in the 2nd District for Bill Huizenga in the Republican race over Jay Riemersma and five others.

Huizenga won by 663 votes and faces Democrat Fred Johnson in the November election for the western Michigan congressional seat.

Election officials earlier had certified a narrow victory for Dan Benishek in the Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District in northern Michigan. Benishek faces Democrat Gary McDowell in November.

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Warm summer brings record number of Lake Michigan drownings

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM)- The state park in Holland has not suffered a drowning yet this summer, but the Ottawa County Sheriff's Marine Division Chief fears that could change before summer ends.

"I'm very concerned," Sgt. Keith Koeman said Friday.

Warm, sunny days have brought Lake Michigan water temperatures to above 70 degrees for over a month.  Combine that with a large number of no-swim "red flag" days, and the result has been a record number of drowning deaths in the big lake.

21 of the 65 deaths have been attributed to rip currents that can exhaust even strong swimmers.  Many beaches have posted information on dealing with rip currents.  Sgt. Koeman says swimmers caught in a rip current should let it carry them out and swim parallel to the shore until they escape.

Michigan officials seek help for trumpeter swan census

(AP)- Michigan wildlife officials are seeking the public's help to determine how many trumpeter swans live in the state.

It's part of a census covering the entire continent.

Trumpeter swans historically nested in wetlands across the U.S., but hunting and habitat loss nearly drove them extinct in the late 1800s. Restoration efforts in Michigan began a century later.

A count in 2004 turned up 655 trumpeters statewide. The greatest numbers are found in the eastern Upper Peninsula. They're still listed as a threatened species.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is asking people to report sightings of trumpeter swans in August and September. They should not be confused with mute swans, which have bright orange bills while trumpeters have black bills.

UPDATE: Homeowner killed in Holland Township house fire

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM)-Investigators are working to determine the cause of an explosive house fire that killed one man.

It happened shortly before noon Sunday at a home in the 14000 block of Foxtrail Drive in Holland Township. Witnesses say they heard an explosion before the flames started. By the time firefighters arrived, the home was fully involved. It took crews about an hour to knock down the flames. The sheriff's department says a 27-year-old man safely escaped, but his father, who owned the home, could not.

"[The younger man] is emotional," said Lieutenant Steve Kempker of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department. "He did attempt to go back in [the home], but again was forced back out by the flames and smoke in the house."

After waiting hours to stabilize the home, investigators were finally able to enter it, and found the 49-year-old man's body inside. They're withholding his name while they notify relatives.